Chanel Golden Class Double CC Bag For Fall Winter 2014 Collection

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CHANEL has designed many handbags with the CC signature on the front, but not all of them are gorgeous and chic (in our opinion). But handbags that look similar to the Classic Flap Bags are usually to-die-for. For example, this Chanel Golden Double CC Flap Bag, can you turn your back on it?

This bag is a true statement-maker, it stands out even more than the Chanel Classic Flap Bag. The golden CC embellishment is not only shining bright, but it’s the first thing that any human eye will point to whenever they see you carrying it on your shoulder. It’s all about flaunting without effort and it is still a perfect everyday wear at the same time, for the weekends or the evenings.

The Chanel Golden Double CC Bag is quilted and comes with an interwoven chain link; it’s so luxurious that you will want to add it to your exclusive bag collection. On the other hand, if you already got the Classic Flap Bag, this version has an entirely different appearance.

Even today, one of the most regular questions we get is: ‘Is this bag still available?’. The answer: ‘Yes, Chanel will drop this bag for the Fall Winter 2014 Collection Act 1’. Now, let’s dive into the details:

Chanel Golden Class Large Flap Bag
Style code: A92151

Chanel Golden Class Medium Flap Bag
Style code: A92135
Sizes: 7.4 x 9.6 x 2

Chanel Golden Class Small Flap Bag
Style code: A92133
Sizes: 5 x 7.6 x 2



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Coach 1941 Dinky Charm Collection

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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Or in the case of the Coach 1941 collection’s Dinky, if it was good way back when, it will be good enough for today. Celebrating Coach’s 75th anniversary this year, the reintroduced Dinky is an archival piece from the 70s that’s also now available in Singapore at Coach Wisma Atria.

Measuring 23 cm across by 13 cm, the Dinky isn’t as small as the size might sound. Packing a lot into its tiny frame, you’ll find amongst other things, a main compartment, a side compartment as well as an additional kiss-lock purse that’s located within the bag which is great for loose change. Made of glovetanned leather and available in at least 11 different colours from Canary to Cornflower to Dahlia(that’s bright yellow, pale yellow and a gorgeous red for those not attuned to fancy colour speak), the interiors all come in contrasting hues as well for that extra pop.

Priced at SGD650 (yes, it’s really that affordable), each Dinky comes with an additional shoulder strap that’s also removable, which just means you can carry it at least 3 ways: as a clutch sans strap, slung over the shoulder and of course, across the body as well.


And here’s the best part. Remember those tikam-tikam boards filled with little packets that we paid a few cents each for without knowing what the freebie included inside was when we were young? Each Dinky will come with one of the charms that’s shown above, and the thing is you won’t know what you’ll be getting until you open the little box that comes with each bag. Which is half of the fun, in my honest opinion.

Nice bag, free charm, complimentary monogramming and here’s one more thing to note before I sign off. If you were to pick up the Dinky or any other Coach RTW, bag or accessory today or tomorrow (8 & 9 April 2016) at their flagship store in Wisma Atria,you’ll also be able to bring home a complimentary floral bouquet to celebrate the arrival of the new season. 

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Bottega Veneta Pre-Fall 2016 Bag Collection

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Introducing the Bottega Veneta Pre-Fall 2016 Bag Collection. This season, Bottega Veneta gives an update to their classic handbags like Olimpia and Intrecciato Nappa Top Handle by adding cute dainty floral embellishments. Stripes in vibrant colors were also seen in some of the bags including a new fold over clutch. A new bucket bag is introduced this season featuring the brand’s signature intrecciato.

Bottega Veneta

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Bottega Veneta Olimpia Intrecciato Leather & Python Top-Handle Bag: Master Class

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Bottega Veneta Olimpia Intrecciato Leather & Python Top-Handle Bag

Bottega Veneta has done it again. This is such a special and truly unique bag that represents everything the house has to offer, from authoritative detailing to expert workmanship to obvious beauty. The use of intrecciato is nothing new, to say the least, but the Olimpia has something really remarkable going on: double rows of different weaves, as well as perfect, knot-style stitching nestled in between those two symmetrical portions of weave and the center panel of glossy python.

The strap is the ideal length to go over the shoulder just as easily as you can carry it as a top-handle bag, and it comes in at a nice size with an easy, open interior. Given all the artistry and craftsmanship, as well as the python involved, it’s a worthy investment. Compare it to a Chanel classic flap or Boy bag, coming in at the same price but in all leather with no finery or keen details. At least none like this. I don’t want to go so far as to say it’s a steal, but I’m willing to bet in five years, you will be glad you picked this piece up now. Just take a look at in person; marveling at this masterpiece up-close gave me goosebumps and a rush of profuse joy. If that’s not worth an investment, I don’t know what is. Bottega Veneta Olimpia

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Bottega Veneta Pre-Fall 2016 Collection


Bottega Veneta’s pre-fall 2016 collection gave an interesting showing of feminine clothing with masculine or androgynous outwear. Creative director Tomas Maier found a unique way to play with current styles and trends, while remaining true to the brand’s aesthetic. For the new pre-season, we were greeted with a variety of patterns, such as bold colors featured on chunky prints, and light abstract shapes, while keeping everything distinctly flirty and feminine.

Bottega Veneta Pre-Fall 2016 Collection

You could look through this collection ten times and not be bored, because there’s always something new to notice each time you see an ensemble. For instance, appreciating the mixing of patterns and colors requires more than one look, or else it can be easy to miss a detail.

An abstract checker-printed dress was completed with a polka dot collar, and was styled with a handbag featuring a handbag with the same pattern printed smaller, and finished off with a pair of circle-printed ankle boots. This is a whimsical mixture of patterns and colors that makes you wonder about the choices that went into the styling. However, upon closer inspection, it is easy to appreciate each garment individually, and the “shock factor” of mixing the prints can make people more willing to look twice. This is the instance where the patterns are loudest, but the theme of matching dresses with handbags and paired with different-patterned footwear is prevalent throughout.

There is no doubt, however, that Maier has an expert hand with mixing fabrics, especially within the same garment. When using two different prints in one garment, the result can become tacky fast, but working with polka dots, stripes, checks, and tiles proved a simple feat for the designer. Manipulating color, he was able to patch together two different prints, ending with a seamless result. Talking about this process makes everything seem almost crafty, but the result is too flawless to be given such a title. The work put in was much more tedious, but the sharpness coming at the end was definitely worth the work. But the Bottega Veneta pre-fall 2016 collection wasn’t all just a busy mashup of patterns.

Some of the dresses in this collection looked absolutely effortless, especially the floor-length jersey numbers. One particular dress, featured with a deep red handbag, was featured in the middle of the collection’s photoshoot, and gave an interesting need for pause embedded within. The same type of work mentioned above was applied here, but this time with plain colors instead of prints. This really let the silhouette and cut of the dress speak for itself, and we’re so glad it did. The cuts of colored fabric were tight-seamed, letting everything flow together, from the three-quarter sleeves to the tie feature hanging in front.

It’s easy to cut this section into chunks. We were shown oversized outwear, mixed patterns and colors on feminine silhouettes, business-casual separates, and muted-abstract printed feminine dresses. For each section, however, there were truly stunning looks, and this collection will likely be met by a slew of women wanting to wear these looks for their transition between summer and fall.

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Bottega Veneta Intrecciolusion Tote Bag Reference Guide

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Introducing the Bottega Veneta Intrecciolusion Tote Bag. This bag first appeared in Bottega Veneta’s Fall/Winter 2012 Collection. It is a more affordable bag as it is made of Intrecciolusion, a fabric exclusively designed for Bottega Veneta. Inspired by the intrecciato design, it uses an inkjet technique to create a shadowy look, wherein almost twenty shades have been mixed to create this bag. The bag has double handles and lined interior. It also comes with a hanging butterfly bag charm. Available in two sizes, Large and Medium. The Intrecciolusion Tote Bag is perfect for everyday use, it has a spacious interior and casual style.

Style, Price & Size




Bottega Veneta Intrecciolusion Tote Large Bag $550.00 (USD) 15.6” W x 11.9” H x 4.7” D
Bottega Veneta Intrecciolusion Tote Medium Bag $490.00 (USD) 14” W x 10.7” H x 3.9” D


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