Kim Kardashian gets her closeup in Balmain's fall-winter 2016 campaignKim Kardashian gets her closeup in Balmain’s fall-winter 2016 campaign

The tears fall down for Balmain’s fall-winter 2016 campaign. Led by Kim Kardashianand husband Kanye West, the moody black and white images were captured bySteven Klein. Besides the Wests, Olivier Rousteing tapped models Alessandra Ambrosio, Dilone, Joan Smalls, Josephine Skriver, Jourdan Dunn, Riley Montana, Sasha Luss and Ysaunny Brito. The models pose in closeup shots with moody facial expressions and tears rolling down.

Kim Kardashian wears body conscious dress in Balmain's fall 2016 campaignKim Kardashian wears body conscious dress in Balmain’s fall 2016 campaignSteven Klein photographs Balmain's fall-winter 2016 campaignSteven Klein photographs Balmain’s fall-winter 2016 campaignJoan Smalls and Kanye West are captured in motion for Balmain's fall 2016 campaignJoan Smalls and Kanye West are captured in motion for Balmain’s fall 2016 campaignKanye West brings on the tears for Balmain's fall 2016 campaignKanye West brings on the tears for Balmain’s fall 2016 campaign
Alessandra Ambrosio gets moody for Balmain's fall 2016 campaignAlessandra Ambrosio gets moody for Balmain’s fall 2016 campaignJoan Smalls sheds some tears in Balmain's fall-winter 2016 campaignJoan Smalls sheds some tears in Balmain’s fall-winter 2016 campaignJourdan Dunn gets her closeup for Balmain's fall-winter 2016 campaignJourdan Dunn gets her closeup for Balmain’s fall-winter 2016 campaignJosephine Skriver poses in Balmain's fall-winter 2016 campaignJosephine Skriver poses in Balmain’s fall-winter 2016 campaign

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Roger Vivier first bride wedding design series released

Categories:Designer Shoes

Roger Vivier have the opportunity to accompany the many beautiful women in the world who attend numerous important occasions, among them the First Lady and their royal family. Season, Roger Vivier very pleased to share its first designed specifically for the bride’s wedding series with you.


Classic Belle de Nuit use ivory satin high-heeled shoes decorated with iconic Pilgrim crystal buckle. The series of shoes using the traditional style, but with a different heel height options. In addition, the design is waterproof so Limemight Choc wear more comfortable shoes.


Ondulation Privilege Ivory satin sandals using complex interwoven design, the beautiful bride foot line perfect presentation, filling the elegant posture, lightness of the state.


Dorsay StrassOn the basis of ivory satin rhinestone embellishment on the delicate, graceful lines of the toe and heel careful outline, elegant in keeping gorgeous wedding shoes, while a little more chic mind, density diamond inlay design makes the shoe body unique lighting effects, showcasing the looming.But also for the love flat shoes bride carefully prepared a pair of pure ivory Ballerines Chips, relaxed and comfortable colleagues reveal simple and elegant atmosphere.

Superb quality technology combined with luxury, Roger Vivier wedding series brings unparalleled beauty, to witness your most important moments.




Roger Vivier first bride wedding design series released


Roger Vivier first bride wedding design series released


Roger Vivier first bride wedding design series released


Roger Vivier first bride wedding design series released

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Dolce & Gabbana Brings On the Smiles with Spring Eyewear Campaign


Dolce & Gabbana introduces spring-summer 2016 eyewear campaignDolce & Gabbana introduces spring-summer 2016 eyewear campaign

Dolce & Gabbana’s spring 2016 eyewear campaign is all about joy and girl time. Starring models He Cong, Paulina Horau, Luma Grothe, Leila Nda and more, the girls are photographed taking selfies and cheesing up a storm in the colorful snaps. Sunglasses are large and embellished with floral and beaded details while bags and dresses are equally decorated. For a more pared down look, Dolce & Gabbana offers up sunglasses with stripes and painterly prints. Through it all the hashtag #ItaliaisLove is featured in the advertisements.


Luma Grothe wears embellished sunglasses from Dolce & Gabbana's spring 2016 eyewear campaignLuma Grothe wears embellished sunglasses from Dolce & Gabbana’s spring 2016 eyewear campaignPauline Hoarau is all smiles in Dolce & Gabbana's spring 2016 eyewear campaignPauline Hoarau is all smiles in Dolce & Gabbana’s spring 2016 eyewear campaignAn image from Dolce & Gabbana's spring 2016 eyewear campaignAn image from Dolce & Gabbana’s spring 2016 eyewear campaignHe Cong takes a selfie in Dolce & Gabbana's spring 2016 eyewear campaignHe Cong takes a selfie in Dolce & Gabbana’s spring 2016 eyewear campaign
Dolce & Gabbana Bouquet Printed SunglassesDolce & Gabbana Bouquet Printed SunglassesDolce & Gabbana Golden Leaves SunglassesDolce & Gabbana Golden Leaves SunglassesDolce & Gabbana Mama's Brocade Embellished SunglassesDolce & Gabbana Mama’s Brocade Embellished SunglassesDolce & Gabbana Mama's Brocade SunglassesDolce & Gabbana Mama’s Brocade Sunglasses


Dolce & Gabbana releases its spring 2016 campaignDolce & Gabbana releases its spring 2016 campaign

Earlier this year, Dolce & Gabbana unveiled its spring 2016 ready-to-wear campaign. Celebrating the Italian lifestyle from food to shopping and clothes, the colorful images feature an intriguing scene. Pajama dressing and ladylike silhouettes take over for the spring season.

An image from Dolce & Gabbana's spring-summer 2016 campaignAn image from Dolce & Gabbana’s spring-summer 2016 campaign

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How Much Should A Decent Replica Birkin Bag Cost?

Categories:Other Brands

Fake Hermes Birkin bags have always been some of the most sought-after replica bags and where there’s demand there’s also supply, which means that there are a lot of Hermes Birkin replica handbags on the market as well, with different price tags depending on their quality.

Replica Birkin Bag Front View

But this replica Birkin bag bought off AliExpress was a really pleasant surprise because it just proved that you don’t need to pay a lot for a decent replica bag! Wonder how much it cost? Here’s your answer!

It looks like some AliExpress sellers really know what they’re doing and that they can be trusted for certain brands. We’ve found one for Goyard, one for Celine and this time it’s a replica Birkin bag! The obvious advantage of buying replica bags off is that they usually come with pretty cheap price tags. This could also be risky unless you go straight to a trustworthy seller.

Hermes knockoff bags come in all price ranges and even though the price should indicate the quality of the bag, it’s not always like this. My friend here has a really good point: you would expect this replica Birkin bag to have lots of flaws considering its price, but I think it will surprise you in a good way! So if you’re also looking for a fake Birkin bag on a budget you should take a look here. If you’re wondering how much do Birkin bags cost (the real ones), the answer is that they are crazy expensive!

“Hi Eva!

I just bought this replica Birkin 35 in Grey from a seller on AliExpress.The bag itself was $152 and the EMS shipping an extra 35. For this price I am rather suprised over the quality, look and feel of the bag. I have bought other replicas for around $300 and they have been far worse than this, The leather is very smoothe and nice to the touch, it is a little soft and slouchy on the sides. Like a Birkin will become over time but I like it. The stamps looks spot on and the stitching is very nice. I would love to hear your opinion on this.

I have bought other replicas on AliExpress, for example a Celiné Mini Luggage Tote and it was superb leather and almost spot on. I almost feel the same about this. I don’t mind carrying this bag around Stockolm and I think it will be difficult to see a difference from an authentic unless you look inside. It has all the stamps in the correct places on the straps as well.”

Replica Birkin Bag Back View

Replica Birkin Bag Back View

Replica Birkin Bag Stamp

Replica Birkin Bag Stamp

Replica Birkin Bag Padlock

Replica Birkin Bag Padlock

Replica Birkin Bag Engravings

Replica Birkin Bag Engravings

And this was my answer:

“As promised, here is my feedback. I do understand why you were so surprised by the quality of this replica bag given its low price. It’s true, I’ve seen more expensive replica Hermes bags that looked far worse than this.

Still, as you probably expected, this is not a perfect replica. I noticed that the stitching is sloppy especially on the two leather tabs at the back of the bag and the stamp is not that great either, the space in between the letters is not equal and the letters are unequal as well ( you can easily see how the “S” in Hermes is smaller than the other letters).

But if you say that the bag is actually made of real leather, then I will declare myself impressed! And in the end all that matters is that you love wearing your bag!

I would also like to see some photos of the interior of the bag if that’s okay with you – you made me curious: what is it about the inside that gives the bag away as a replica?

Also, can you share the name of the AliExpress seller?

Thank you for sending your review, I really appreciate it!”

Here is my friend’s answer:

“Yes I also noticed some flaws on the bag but that’s expected when I only paid $190 for it :) I have bought more expensive Birkins with far more and noticable flaws. The other day I actually walked passed the Hermés boutique in one of our department stores and when I passed by the entrence one of the SAs there popped her head outside and complimented me on my Birkin :)

Here are some pictures of the interior Eva. Thanks for your feedback! I love your blog and your feedback is amazing for us replica lovers.”

Replica Birkin Bag Top View

Replica Birkin Bag Top View

Replica Birkin Bag Interior Pocket

Replica Birkin Bag Interior Pocket

Replica Birkin Bag Inside Stitching

Replica Birkin Bag Inside Stitching

Replica Birkin Bag Interior - Side View

Replica Birkin Bag Interior – Side View

It’s true, looking at the interior of this fake Birkin bag it becomes clear that it’s a replica. But I’m not going to start criticizing it because it wouldn’t be fair and I’m one who appreciates honesty! My friend didn’t expect the bag to be perfect and it isn’t…but you can’t deny it’s good for the price! Sure, the details are not that spot on but to me it’s important that the bag was made of real leather because a bag that’s made of quality leather is a bag that lasts!

My friend is 100% right: there are many replica Hermes handbags sites that offer less quality for more money. When you buy a cheap replica Birkin bag at least you know from the start that the bag is going to have some flaws. But let’s face, it’s better to be pleasantly surprised than have high expectations and get disappointed by some shady replica site! So considering that a Hermes replica Birkin bag that cost $190 looks like this, it’s only normal to expect much more from a replica Hermes handbag that costs twice or even more! The Birkin bag cost depends not only on the quality but also on each site and seller.

I asked my friend to share the name of this AliExpress seller in case you girls want it and I will add it here in the post as soon as I have an answer! 

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Waiting For The Online Black Friday Deals On Replica Bags? So Am I! My Wish List For This Year

Categories:Other Brands

Online Black Friday deals are one of the best things ever for a serial shopper like me. You probably get me when I say that if I had enough money, I would buy a new replica bag every other day. But we’re all on a budget here and that’s why we need to think twice before investing in a new bag.

Online Black Friday Deals Replica Bags

So that’s why I’m so excited to see this year’s Black Friday sales! I really hope that my favorite replica sites have planned big surprises for Black Friday 2015 but in the meantime my handbags wish list is ready!

You probably remember that last year I dedicated a blog post to the online Black Friday deals and unfortunately most replica sites didn’t have any special discounts for the occasion. was the only replica bag site that had a special Black Friday promotion and I’m sure they’ll offer some major discounts this year as well. But I really hope that other websites will follow and that we’ll have more to choose from!

Don’t worry, I promise to do all the research I can and keep you girls posted as soon as I find about online Black Friday deals, both for authentic designer bags and replica bags! But until then, here are the bags that have drawn my attention the most recently.

These replica bags styles are all new and I’ve been eyeing them for some weeks now. I know that I can’t buy them all even with the online Black Friday deals but if I find at least one of them at a discounted price, I will declare myself satisfied! So here they are:

1. Gucci Lady Web Bag

When I first saw this bag on the runway I was blown away! I instantly fell in love with its vintage-inspired look and I realized this is the bag my wardrobe was missing! I felt particularly drawn to the Gucci Lady Web in brown smooth leather and I really hoped to find a great replica of this bag. And I did! The only reason why I didn’t order it yet is because I want to wait and find the best Black Friday sales first.

Gucci Lady Web Leather Shoulder Bag

Gucci Lady Web Leather Shoulder Bag

But OH MY GOD, this bag is just gorgeous! The color, the leather, the details and the retro charm – there’s nothing I don’t like about it! Well, maybe except for the textile lining but I’ll let that pass. I already found the best replica of this bag here and now I’m just waiting for the big day to arrive!

2. Chloe Hayley Hobo Bag

OK, I may have found a pattern here. The Chloe Hayley bag is also a brand new style and it has a bit of a vintage feel as well. But unlike the Lady Web bag, the Hayley is a hobo style. This new Chloe bag looks very Chloe-like. I know I sound like Captain Obvious but the fans of this brand will get what I mean. The design is very clean with minimal branding, the colors are discreet yet unique and overall the Chloe Hayley looks very feminine and classy.

Chloe Hayley Hobo Bag

Chloe Hayley Hobo Bag

As I always say, when a new model is released, you need to wait at least six months to find a good replica. Unfortunately I haven’t spotted that many replicas of the Chloe Hayley yet but I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for this one!

3. Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette Evasion

Louis Vuitton has a tradition of releasing new prints for its classic canvases. The Monogram Evasion collection was created especially for Christmas and that’s the reason why it’s so colorful and jolly! I don’t always like the seasonal LV prints but I think that a replica Louis Vuitton bag from the Evasion Collection is a must-have for a LV collector.

Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette Evasion

Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette Evasion

If you’re not that much of a LV fan yourself, you can buy the replica LV Mini Pochette Evasion as a gift for someone who is. And, of course, you should do that using the online Black Friday deals! Buying early Christmas gifts is great because this way you get rid of all the pre-holiday stress. You don’t need to go from store to store to find the perfect gift, just add it to your cart and that’s it! Online shopping sure has a lot of advantages!

4. Prada Inside Bag

I had some mixed feelings about the Prada Inside Bag when I first saw it. It didn’t look that spectacular to me so I tried to understand what was with all that big fuss. And then I realized that Prada hadn’t released something some different from the Prada Saffiano Double Zip tote in a really long while and people wanted a new Prada design badly.

Prada Inside Bag Cinnamon and Turquoise

Prada Inside Bag Cinnamon and Turquoise

The Prada Inside bag has a sturdy leather and a boxy shape on the exterior but there’s a second bag inside, a much softer and slouchy one. I have to admit I was impressed by the ingenious design of this bag and its high versatility and the more I looked at it, the more I started to like it! I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to find a great Prada replica Inside Bag but again, maybe we should give it more time. My favorite color combination is cinnamon + turquoise. What’s yours?

Of course, there are many other new beautiful bags that are not in this list, these are the ones that have caught my attention the most. But I’d love to see your Black Friday handbag list as well!

What replica bags are you planning to buy this Black Friday? If you hear about any Black Friday handbag deals on replica sites, do not hesitate to share them here!

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Your Invitation To Chanel’s Beauty Lounge

Categories:Other Brands


We are nearing the end of Chanel’s first-ever pop-up over at Pedder on Scotts, which officially wraps this weekend on 3 April. While I’m pretty sure many of you have already went done, here’s another reason to do so if you already haven’t, or missed out on this completely.

If you’ve a frequent traveller and been to Changi Airport’s Terminal 3 recently, you would have spotted the giant Chanel logo above Cosmetics & Perfumes by Shilla Duty Free. What is it, you ask? Well, it’s Chanel’s first-ever full-fledged travel lounge where you’re invited to go in for say, a complimentary facial and/or massage before your flight.

Not in the mood for one? Opt instead for a personalised fragrance consultation, or get make-up tips on how to look your best when you land (especially apt after that long-haul flight). There’s even another on how to take care of your skin during the flight, with qualified beauty consultants recommending the best that Chanel has to offer.

Besides all the consultations and treatments that will last between 10 and 20 minutes each, another reason why you should most definitely check out Chanel’s Travel Lounge? The decor. If you love how their boutiques look, you’ll love this lounge as well, where you can have your carry-on bags safely stored, have a drink (or two) and the best part, having access to Chanel’s cosmetics and skincare (no, not bring home for free, but you can do your own touch-ups while waiting for your gate to open), some of which are not even available in Singapore.

Now that I got you all interested, here’s how to score your very own invite to the lounge. Just head over to the #ChanelxPedderonScotts microsite, and follow the easy steps to secure your own QR code. With this code, you check-in at the Chanel counter at Pedder on Scotts where you’ll receive the invite, which you can use to book your appointment at lounge before you fly off. It’s that easy, and it’s an experience we should all try out at least once. I did it before, and honestly, I can’t wait till I go back again.

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