Chanel: This BOY Is More Than Just A FRIEND

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Boy. Friend. Put these two seemingly regular words together and you’ll get something totally new. Yes, you get boyfriend, which is defined as a frequent or regular male companion in a romantic relationship. Now, before you start picturing Chris Evans, Chris Pine or even Chris Pratt, let’s just stop right there and get serious with Chanel’s Boy.Friend instead, one that will never break your heart, never leave you and stay by your side for as long as you want it to.


One of Chanel’s icons-in-the-making, it is a chic and understated timepiece that will easily beat the amount of time your real-life companion spends with you. But its literal name aside, the beauty of this Boy.Friend lies in its unique shape and size, a fine balance of engineered masculinity on your feminine wrist, the Yang to your Yin, the Sun to your Moon.

Available in solid gold or stainless steel bodies (and don’t we all love a hard body on our boyfriends), the Boy.Friend now comes in 3 sizes (Large, Medium and Small), has pieces that come with or without diamonds (because we all love a man who can carry off a little bling) and finished with a variety of straps, from sexy exotic crocodile to stainless steel tweed and even lush smooth-to-the-touch satin.


A lady that wears the Boy.Friend dares to be who she really is – bold and confident, constantly pushing the boundaries in her style and outfit choices (from the everyday workwear pieces, to the casual days out on weekends), which the watch will blend effortlessly into, thanks to its androgynous good looks.

It’s a timepiece even Gabrielle Coco Chanel will definitely approve of, after all, it was she who in raiding her boyfriend’s wardrobe that saw to the birth of the little black jacket, and was so inspired by the thin slings on soldiers’ satchels that she added one to the 2.55. This was a woman who never felt constrained by what’s right and what’s wrong; instead she adapted as she saw fit and made it her own, which in a way also best exemplifies the story behind this timepiece.

Donning the watch gives you an immediate sense of power and strength – truthfully, who needs a boyfriend when you’ve got this Boy.Friend. Right, ladies?

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Are you looking for stylish flats to own this season? Worry not for Chanel is here to help you solve your fashion dilemmas! Introduced for the Spring Summer 2017 Collection, these are the latest Chanel Diagonal Quilted Flats.

Ideal for everyday use due to its ease and comfort, these Chanel Diagonal Quilted Flats are made from PVC and grosgrain to create stylish footwear magic. With a sophisticated look and fresh design, these flats are perfect to wear for work. Notice the beautiful quilting (nobody can make quilting as perfect as Chanel), it’s crafted in diagonal lines all over the shoes and it creates an stylish and elegant appeal. With the bow on the top, these pair are made to be a timeless investment. Aside from this, they are also perfect to pair over your pencil skirts, retro vintage dresses and even over your shirt and jeans combo!

As previously mentioned, these flats are made from grosgrain which refers to a usually heavy, stiff ribbon of silk or nylon woven via taffeta weave. They also have a bow in front for that extra feminine feel!

These ballerina flats also feature 0.4 inch heel so you never have to worry getting tired and sore feet at the end of the day. Style code G32842, with 0.4’ inch heels, priced at $795 USD, €540 euro, £500 GBP, $860 SGD, $830 AUD, $4300 HKD, ¥69120 JPY via Chanel boutiques.




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Chloe Sevigny on The Edit April 20, 2017 CoverChloe Sevigny on The Edit April 20, 2017 Cover

Actress Chloe Sevigny lands the April 20th, 2017 cover of The Edit from Net-a-Porter. Lensed by Yelena Yemchuk, the blonde star wears a printed Vetements dress with ankle-length boots. Inside the magazine, Chloe poses in covetable looks from the spring collections. Stylist Tracy Taylor dresses the 42-year-old in the designs of Gucci, Balenciaga and Isabel Marant amongst others.


Actress Chloe Sevigny wears Preen dress and Isabel Marant bootsActress Chloe Sevigny wears Preen dress and Isabel Marant boots


In her interview, Chloe talks about being criticized by the media for her unique style. She remarks how being a self-described “unconventional” beauty changes the press’ coverage. “If Rihanna was in [my outfit], the tabloids would love it,” she says. “I don’t court mainstream success, so they have a hard time understanding me. It’s impossible for me to go somewhere and not be judged.” Even so, Chloe still remains a fashion darling.

Chloe Sevigny poses at a table wearing a Magda Butrym dressChloe Sevigny sits at a table wearing a Magda Butrym dressPosing next to a harp, Chloe Sevigny models Alexander McQueen dress and Vetements bootsPosing next to a harp, Chloe Sevigny models Alexander McQueen dress and Vetements bootsChloe Sevigny wears Gucci jacket, Attico dress and Tibi bootsChloe Sevigny wears Gucci jacket, Attico dress and Tibi bootsActress Chloe Sevigny wears Gucci Jacket, Magda Butrym dress and Isabel Marant bootsActress Chloe Sevigny poses in a Gucci Jacket, Magda Butrym dress and Isabel Marant bootsChloe Sevigny models Balenciaga dress, shoes and oversized bagChloe Sevigny wears Balenciaga dress, shoes and oversized bag

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Owning a modern and chic Chanel wallet has never been this easy! Take a few moments to breathe in and breathe out before you go gaga over these Chanel Trendy CC Wallets. We know that feeling of extreme urge to head to the nearest Chanel store and get a hold of this beauty. You are not to blame, it’s not your fault, and Chanel is the guilty one for your shopping spree urgency.

Made from genuine lambskin leather perfectly matched with gold-tone metal hardware to complement it, this Chanel flap wallet is all you’ll ever need on a daily basis. Fashionably classy, this so-called ‘flap wallet’ is a new addition to the Chanel CC Trendy Collection.

And if you ask us what makes this flap wallet stand out from all the rest, look closer and you’ll see the obvious. You can easily recognize a Chanel Trendy CC Wallet by its golden metal plate with the CHANEL letters prominently displayed in the upper portion of the flap. Sporting the signature thick diamond quilting that Chanel is known for, this flap wallet is certainly the newest style staple.

Style code A80981, measuring 4.1” x 7.7” x 1.4” inches, priced at $950 USD, €920 euro, £830 GBP, $1480 SGD, 1410 AUD, $7700 HKD, ¥125280 JPY

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Looking for a one-of-a-kind bag that you can brag and show around? Well well, it looks like this Special Edition Goyard 233 Bag is what you’ll need to fulfill your unique bag fancy. We are pretty sure that this limited edition bag will paint the town red.

So why is this Goyard 233 Bag called a special edition? It’s because of the single color it is sporting. And what else? It is in grained genuine leather and is distinctively unique with its hot-stamped design on the side of the bag.

Comparing it with the original version of the Goyard 233 Bag, you can easily spot the differences. The original one comes in the signature Goyard chevron print with the logo incorporated into the design while the special edition comes in polished leather made more beautiful by an embellished hot-stamped design. On the other hand, they have the same large silver jewelry hardware closure for an added sense of security and style.

If you are on an adventure to hunt this bag down, make sure that you head to any of these Goyard boutiques in Paris, London, Seoul, and Hong Kong since it’s only exclusive available there.

Besides black, there are different colors available and each bag has their own unique hot-stamp. Do visit Goya stores to check and get more information about them.

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Paint the town red this February with Balenciaga Valentine’s Day Blackout City Bag. Go out on a date this Valentine’s Day with this stylish bag in tow and your date would undoubtedly be impressed with your impeccable fashion style.

This Blackout City Bag from Balenciaga is not a new bag but we’re seeing it in a Valentine’s Day edition with its deep red color aptly fitting for the love month. In between the City and Mini City sizes, this impressive small Balenciaga leather goody might be your favorite daily companion as it can hold all your essentials.

Now let’s go to the bag details in case you’re thinking of purchasing this gem. This beauty right here features a laser perforated motif “I love you” a street art inspiration, which adds a touch of individuality to it and has two sizes perforation motif on front and back making it voguish.

It also features an adjustable and removable cross body strap and flat and thin handles with magnetic holding so you can easily transition it from a shoulder, cross-body, to hand carrying. For an added sense of security, this bag comes with a magnetic and zip top closure to keep your things safe and sound.

Looking inside, it has an interior zip and patch pockets. It measures 11.7” x 7” x 4.7” (W x H x D) inches and is priced $2450 USD, €1950 euro, $2290 SGD, £1545 GBP, $3770 AUD via Balenciaga boutiques.




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