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Today’s society is often used to describe the appearance of a woman, but that the character of an independent girl. Yes, if you use one word to describe BOY CHANEL, then the girl more appropriate than the word, and the traditional feminine handbag different, various retro, metal, do the old, punk and other elements with the finest leather, elegant car suture, perfect lines of integration, demonstrated firmness and flexibility with the nature of the US free.




BOY CHANEL calfskin flap bag, decorated with tweed and chain details.

BOY series of bags in the season, the favorite is this wonderful mix of leather and woolen. Winter patent leather bag cowhide face can not always give a warm feeling, if coupled with tweed fabrics, both to bring a little bit of warmth in winter, yet elegant.


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What Happens When You Buy A YSL Bag Replica Without Actually Seeing It First!

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I will keep saying this over and over again if necessary: you should never buy replica bags before seeing them first! Take the YSL bag replica in this review for example: if there are not enough photos on the site or the bag looks too good to be true, then it probably is!

YSL Bag Replica Logo

If you’re doubting that the replica site you are eyeing is using real photos, there are some easy ways to check them!

The easiest way to check it is to check the official site of the brand first. Let’s take the official YSL site: they usually post three photos of each bag and they all have a white background. Then let’s take the LV site: sometimes they post 2 or 3 photos of the bag but for some bags you can only find one photo. The photos also have a white background and look very clear and professional. Choose a bag and then look for it on the official brand site: are the photos the same? If so, then you’ve got your answer.

Here’s is an example. I chose a random fake Saint Laurent bag and then I searched it on the official YSL site. See how the pictures are exactly the same? Front view, back view, side view and the photo with the flap open.

Official YSL Site Photos

Official YSL Site Photos Stolen Photos Stolen Photos

Unfortunately there are many replica bag sites that use stolen photos and that could never be a good sign! The more pictures you see of the replica bag before you buy it, the less chances there are you’re going to be disappointed or scammed. Buying from a replica site that uses photos from the official brand sites is like taking the biggest gamble of all because you have no idea what you’re going to get.

If a replica bag site uses its own photos but you don’t feel like they’re enough to tell if the bag is good or not, don’t be afraid to ask for some extra photos! Maybe they won’t have them but it still is a good test for their customer support. If you feel like they are reluctant or annoyed by your demand, maybe you should find another site. Here is another example from the same site. Let’s say this one photo they have for this bag was actually their (it’s not, it’s also stolen). Even if it has been a real photos of this replica YSL bag, it still wouldn’t have been enough to tell if the bag is good or not. Photos Photos

My friend didn’t send me a very detailed review but at least we found out some important things not only about their Saint Laurent replica bags but about this replica site as a whole:

“Hi EVA! I’m new here!

I got this YSL bag replica from and it was a mess! It has nothing to do with what they show on the site!

I immediately decided to return it because they only offer 7 days to do that. I hate the fact that I’m not getting back the shipping costs and the 5% credit card charge but I can’t keep this bag!
Here are some photos, just to make sure everyone understands why I returned the bag. I’m not crazy, girls lol!!

Hope I’m getting back my money soon, I’m really really disappointed!”

YSL Bag Replica Top View

YSL Bag Replica Top View

YSL Bag Replica Interior View

YSL Bag Replica Interior View

You are definitely not crazy for returning this YSL replica bag, it’s awful! At least you were able to do that, this is the only good thing about this replica site. The refund guarantee period is very short, but I’ll give them that. Many replica websites don’t allow you to return a replica bag if you just don’t like it!

But there are many more things that I don’t like about this site. First of all, they ONLY use stolen photos! I checked this for all the brands they offer and I haven’t found not even a single replica bag with real photos.

I also don’t like the fact that you can only contact them by sending them an email to an Outlook account or by a Contact Form. Not very professional and very unsettling when you have an urgent matter to solve.

I would certainly not recommend this replica site not just because of this YSL bag replica but because of the many other things that make them unprofessional and unreliable.

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Dior girls, unite! Today, we’re going to feature another delectable piece that’s sure to amaze you, the Dior Diorissimo Voyageur Paradise Wallet! Part-street art, part-high fashion, this wallet is totally the next best thing to owning paradise (because it’s paradise…literally). Allow us to take you into a journey through the senses with this awesome leather piece!

Dior badges line this embossed calfskin baby, and are pretty cool too! This signature piece is out to give you more than your pretty penny’s worth – with a compact size and zip fastening, you’ll get a stylish and ultra-functional piece! Inside, it has a zipped pocket, two flat pockets, twelve card slots and two gusset compartments, giving you all the room that you need. It is also adorned with only the shiniest silver-tone hardware – brace yourselves, this baby will sparkle like never before!

Measuring 21cm x 11.5cm, you can get your very own Diorissimo Voyageur Paradise Wallet for €710 EUR or £560 GBP via Dior e-store.



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Hmmm, how do we begin to describe the Diorissimo Trio Pass-Mo line of small leather goods? Practical and stylish are the best we can come up, although we feel that both words are an understatement (really). Craftsmanship and good taste are evident with these funky coin case charms, and you’re actually getting more than what you signed-up for! Trust Dior to surprise and shower you with just a bit more love than you’d expect.

The Trio Pass-Mo Coin Case Charm is a triple treat – this utility bag in smooth calfskin is adorned with an embroidered badge, and comes with three removable elements (a card holder for the black variation or mobile phone case that’s iPhone 6 compatible for the blue one, zipped purse and small envelope pocket with press closure). It’s designed to carry your essentials in style, and you’ll never have to fumble with your credit cards and coins again with this baby. Works like a charm any day, and it’s very cute!

Both styles are priced at €620 EUR, and are available at the Dior e-store.






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When DIOR is mixed with flowers – something magical will happen and it’s an unexplainable attraction.

For those that missed some of our Dior Floral Obsessive articles, here’s a quick re-cap:

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And now, a playful edition – the Small Diorissimo Quilted Tote Bag.

Quilted bags are usually timeless bags, this version has playful flower embellishment on the front, which is stunning. The red and blue flowers, and even the badges on the right bottom, are all inspired by the Fall Winter 2014 Haute Couture Collection.

The Quilted are done very lightly, and it comes with silver hardware and the usual iconic DIOR charm. It’s a lovely bag to carry for the casual days or weekends. Because its white, you want to take care of it with love as it can easily get dirty.

But the bag itself is made from calfskin, which is durable leather. It comes with a shoulder strap to carry on the shoulder or cross body. This is the small size of the Diorissimo Bag, measuring 22.5 x 16.5 x 10 cm.

You like?


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Pouch? A pouch!!!

Don’t worry, it features a shoulder strap. Let just call it a ‘shoulder bag’ or a ‘mini bag’ all right?

A beautiful thing and secretly launched by Dior. The name? It’s Diorissimo Promenade Envelope Pouch and it’s gorgeous, isn’t?

One glance and I am obsessed… in love. I adore everything about it, from its ear to its front.


Check it out, the ring next on the sides is attached to the iconic DIOR charm and its in silver hardware. You gotta notice that right?

In bi-color – the perfect combination of Rose Poudre and Fuchsia. The envelope is in Fuchsia, while the bag is in Rose Poudre and the Fuchsia is extended to the shoulder strap. Very unique indeed.

The two colors mixed in an unusual way give this ‘Envelope Promenade’ pouch charm and character. Its original flap makes it an essential model. And we all know how many fashionista’s love the Diorissimo tote bag, this envelope is made with the same process.

Made from bullcalf leather, the signature CHRISTIAN DIOR PARIS is printed on the inside flap. The bag can be carried crossbody or on the shoulder or even on the hand. The shoulder strap can be adjusted to your needs.

Measuring 16 x 12 x 6.5 cm, with 120 cm chain, priced at £920 GBP and €1050 euro via Dior boutique.



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