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Over here, ladies! We’ll be moving on to Part 2 of our feature on Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2016 Runway Bag Collection, where you can find bags, bags and more bags you’ll surely want to have. For Part 1, you can check out the link below.

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The classic House trunk from the 1800s has been zapped into a smaller, more compact version in the form of the Petite Malle Bag. We don’t blame Nicolas Ghesquière for being so upfront about his love for the brand’s classic pieces (and his desire to have them recreated). And in this collection, there’s an array of designs and canvasses (and skins, and…) to choose from! Timeless, indeed. Do you have a favorite among these pieces?




Malletage bags are pieces that don’t need any introduction. They speak for themselves, see?






More pieces for your consideration…well, it’s hard to choose.

What do you think about the collection as a whole? Are there any pieces that caught your fancy? Comment now and tell us all about it!

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Louis Vuitton Singapore Golden Jubilee Petite Malle

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louis_vuitton_singapore-golden-jubilee-petite-malleWe all know about the Petite Malle, one of Nicolas Ghesquiere’s key contributions to the quietly revamped French luxury house, that was (and still is) one of Louis Vuitton’s biggest hits, both on and off the runway. Fittingly, to celebrate Singapore’s upcoming Golden Jubilee (or #SG50, in hashtag speak), Louis Vuitton will be releasing not one but two limited edition Petite Malle bags just for the celebrations.

The first one most of you have already seen, in Monogram Canvas, comes trimmed with a hue that I’m calling Singapore-red (officially it’s called Royal Rouge) and finished with gold hardware. Limited to just 38 pieces and priced at SGD7050, you could probably start wait-listing for this stunner of a bag now at LV’s Island Maison at Marina Bay Sands.

The second one is the luxurious red alligator skin Petite Malle that comes trimmed instead in black with the accompanying sling in the same colour. Finished with gold-tone hardware, this particular piece is limited to just 9 pieces (9 being the date of Singapore’s National Day on 9 August). Priced at a whopping SGD48,500 apiece, it’s clearly targeted at the consummate collector that must own every Petite Malle ever made.

For everyone else (and those keen on the first Petite Malle), you can view them all at a special Petite Malle exhibition that kicks off on 3 August 2015 at Louis Vuitton Island Maison, where its craftsmanship will be showcased.

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Louis Vuitton Petite Malle Stickers

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louis_vuitton_petite-malle-stickersI love the Petite Malle, Louis Vuitton’s now-iconic hard-sided box clutch that comes with a sling. Inspired by the French luxury house’s heritage as far as its spirit of travel (and their to-die-for travel trunks) is concerned and I’ve also loved almost every interpretation of it, from being clad in Monogram Canvas and Damier Ebene to quilted leathers, each more desirable than the next.

And then there’s this, which is from a new collection called Stickers. Meant to be fun and whimsical, this particular Petite Malle comes covered in printed glossy Verniswith, you guessed it, stickers. Not actual stickers you can peel and reuse (or even peel from a sticker sheet and apply yourself), but comes as part of the print. Which frankly is ghastly, part 50s-housewife, part retro-dinner and all weird.

In other words, do I love this rendition? No.

No. No. No.

But if you have some USD5500 to spare, be my guest, though honestly there are much more classically elegant variations out there you should buy instead.

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Louis Vuitton Monogram Rouge Noir Petite Malle Souple

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louis_vuitton_monogram-rouge-noir-petite-malle-souple-gmAs promised, here’s another post on Louis Vuitton’s S/S15 collection that features not only a new bag, but a new ‘colour’ as well. Given Nicolas Ghesquière’s update for the new season, he has taken the traditional brown/beige Monogram Canvas and updated it into a black/red combination that’s actually quite stunning. Called Monogram Rouge Noir, this coated canvas will be making an appearance on a selection of bags, SLGs and even shoes, including the one shown above which I’ll get to next.

One of the pieces I fell hardest for when I previewed it last year during the press presentation in Bangkok, it’s a squishy soft-sided take on the Petite Malle which has done very well for the French luxury house of late. Looking almost exactly like its predecessor right down to its leather trim and front clasp, it’s topped with a zip that runs right across the bag for easy access.

Available in 2 sizes (the MM and the GM), the unisex Petite Malle Souple will also come in toile and calf leather, but for now, let’s just focus on this beauty. Besides being easier to handle (it’s squishy, remember?), it’s also a tad (just a tad) easier on the pocket, with the MM and GM retailing for SGD4800 and SGD5650 respectively.

To be released sometime in early March 2015 (late February if we’re lucky), there are only 2 things you need to do right now regarding this bag. Save. And wait list. Which is what I’ll be doing as far as this baby is concerned.

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This furry sheepskin wonder has set our hearts on fire…and we want it too! The Louis Vuitton Petite Malle Sheepskin Bag is most-wanted this season, and is a mainstay of the Fall/Winter 2015 Collection. If you’re all about workmanship and heavy detail, then this is your best bet!

Worn as a clutch or over your shoulders (since it comes with a removable, adjustable leather strap), this furry sheepskin has an exclusive Malletage embossed and printed top-strap with a finely crafted S-lock closure (securing all of your belongings in place). It even comes with a removable pocket mirror, which is useful for instant touch-ups anytime, anywhere. I mean, if you want to stand-out and be remembered, then this is the piece you can count on.

READ: Louis Vuitton Petite Malle Bag

Measuring 18cm x 12cm x 4cm (L x H x W), you can get your very own Petite Malle Sheepskin Bag for €6000 EUR, £5000 GBP or $73500 HKD

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Let’s Take A Look At The New Replica Louis Vuitton Petite Malle Bag!

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Even though I don’t usually trust blogs for buying replica bags, I know that is a safe place. You get to find out more details about their replica bags before you actually buy them, which is a good thing.

Mybagsshoes.com Review

If you’ve ever wanted to order from them and never knew how it actually works, you’ll find your answer in this Mybagsshoes.com review. Plus, this is our occasion to take a look at a brand new replica Louis Vuitton bag!

Mybagsshoes.com is a blog for designer bags lovers that is actually meant to promote their replica bags. You can find reviews of the bags they have and then at the end of the post they usually mention the colors and the models they have in stock and the prices. If you want to order, all you have to do is write a comment or contact them by email or by WeChat.

Now here is the Mybagsshoes.com review I received and some photos of the replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Petite Malle bag!

Hi Eva!

I’m excited to tell you I am now the proud owner of the replica LV Petite Malle bag. The bag is pretty new and it wasn’t easy to find a good replica, but I think I made the right choice in the end.

I found a blog post about it on Mybagsshoes.com and I knew I just have to have it! The bag is a bit pricey though so I had to save up some money first. I sent them an email a month ago asking if the Monogram Petite Malle is still available, they said it was and then I requested some photos of the bag. I was happy with how we communicated by email, they were always prompt and answered all my questions.

They said it would take about 10 days for the bag to arrive and it actually arrived after 11 days, which I think is really ok.

Now I don’t know if this is the best replica or not but overall I am very pleased with it! Since the bag is new, I couldn’t find any guides and not even many photos of it, so I’d really appreciate your thoughts!

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Petite Malle Front View

Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Petite Malle Front View

Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Petite Malle Back View

Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Petite Malle Back View

Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Petite Malle Side View

Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Petite Malle Side View

Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Petite Malle Leather Trimmings

Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Petite Malle Leather Trimmings

Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Petite Malle Inside View

Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Petite Malle Inside View

Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Petite Malle Inside Logo

Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Petite Malle Inside Logo

Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Petite Malle S-lock

Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Petite Malle S-lock

I understand why you couldn’t wait to own this Louis Vuitton replica bag, it’s an amazing piece! Still, just like you said, this is a new model and it usually takes about 6 months to get it right. So it’s too soon to say if this is the best Louis Vuitton replica Petite Malle bag or not, since some of the replica sites I trust the most for replica LV bags don’t even have it yet.

Overall the bag looks good: I like the shape, the Monogram Canvas and the lining; the leather looks really beautiful! The color of the hardware is also spot on.

Still, some essential details of the original bag got seriously overlooked! First, it should be printed with three red crosses on the front left side. The bag should also feature the LV signature S-lock with a keyhole in the middle. On the left of the keyhole you should see the “Made in France” engraving and on the right “Louis Vuitton”. This only goes for the Monogram model, the Epi leather, Metallic Epi and Damier Petite Malle bags don’t feature the keyhole in the middle.

I’m sure that we can expect a better version of the replica Louis Vuitton Petite Malle bag in the future, we just need to give it some time! But don’t get me wrong, this bag looks surprisingly good too considering how new it is!

What do you girls think of this LV replica bag?

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