A look from the spring 2017 Gucci collection. Photo: ImaxtreeA look from the spring 2017 Gucci collection.

In New York, it's difficult to imagine anyone other than Marc Jacobs closing out the shows. He has always provided the proverbial mic drop of New York Fashion Week. Who could ever one-up him? In Milan, it seems that all designers who aren't Alessandro Michele are put in a somewhat challenging position now, as we left Gucci — the first big show of Milan Fashion Week — thinking about how they all have a very tough act to follow over the next six days.

First, there was the set: an all-pink-everything boudoir with what can only be described as disco balls made into walls, pink carpet with the signature Gucci stripes and a star motif going down the circuitous runway, pink velvet ottomans for seating and strings of mirrored squares dividing the space into sections.
Models emerged from a '70s-inspired beaded doorway, but it almost felt like they'd appeared from thin air thanks to the smoke that filled the room (and visibly irritated a few editors who wanted to better see the clothes... or maybe breathe more easily).

Despite the visual obstruction, the effect of the smoke machines and dark pink lighting was undeniably cool, and many elements of the collection were (intentionally) bold enough to be seen through the pink haze: eccentric headpieces; fans, shimmering sequins and paillettes on everything from gowns to pants to leisure suits; sparkly pineapple-shaped sleeves on a dress; piles of dyed tulle and very vertiginous, colorful platforms.

Basically what I could see. Photo: ImaxtreeBasically what I could see. 

With the towering, glam-rock footwear, other '70s and '80s inspired pieces and overall theatrical rock club vibes, we were reminded of Jacobs's last few shows. But where Jacobs likes to reinvent himself regularly, Michele has stuck to the same eccentric, romantic, colorful, vintage-inspired scriptthat we can't get enough of. Just about every look that came down the runway was unmistakably his.

Not that he hasn't evolved that aesthetic. Upon closer inspection (online photos), this was Michele's most adventurous collection yet in terms of color, fabric, silhouette and eye-catching accessories. 

Did a few looks veer towards costume-y? Sure. But it seemed that Michele was more interested in communicating a feeling than showing off the details of his clothes (that's what re-sees are for), and perhaps forcing us to rethink the way we perceive a runway show altogether. 

Michele called the collection "Magic Lanterns," writing in the show notes, "The clothes tell a story steeped in wonder, phantasmagoria and unorthodoxy. Such stories don't mimetically represent reality. They rather act as magic lanterns, as distorting mirrors, altering languages, signs and consolidated codes." He went on to quote French sociologist and intellectual Roger Caillois: "As in a game, the attempt is to destroy, for a moment, the stability of perception so that the lucid conscience is forced to undergo a kind of sensual panic."

There's no doubt that, for a few minutes, our minds were 100 percent in Gucciland and the experience left us a little bewildered. It wasn't see now, buy now; it wasn't a spectacle that took attention away from the clothes: it was something a lot more interesting, and another fascinating glimpse into Michele's genius mind.

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Photo: @levis/Instagram

"Basic" may have adapted a negative connotation in recent years, but there's no shame in seeking advice on theoretically simple sartorial conundrums. In our latest column, "Back to Basics," we're here to guide you through life's most common (and important) fashion and beauty concerns.

When I brought home my first pair of distressed jeans from the seminal pre-teen retailer that was Abercrombie Kids, I soon after showed them to my dad expecting to receive an enthusiastic stamp of approval. He loves denim, and spent much of my childhood doing yard work and other miscellaneous chores in his own pair of well-worn carpenter jeans. But rather than immediately endorsing my own store-bought holey pants, he simply said this: "You boughtthem like that?"

I haven't purchased a pair of pre-distressed jeans since. Years later, I realized my dad was right: Denim almost always looks better after years of natural loving. But if you don't have time on your side, that wear-and-tear game is easy to hack. Distressing (and tailoring) is an easy, wallet-friendly way to give a pair of tired jeans new life. I swear by this video tutorial (3.4 million views and counting!) for all of my distressing projects, but after a few tries, you'll be able to tenderly cut up your denim without any expert guidance. In the meantime, we're here to help. Here's your complete guide to D.I.Y.-ing the worn-in, ripped denim of your dreams.

What you need:
A pair of jeans 
A pen
A blunt razor blade
A shaving razor
Cutting gloves
Access to a washer and dryer

Photo: @madewell1937/Instagram


Put the jeans on and, with a pen, mark the areas where holes would appear naturally. That includes the knees, as well as over the front and back pockets and areas on the upper thigh. Mark two inch-long lines at the top and bottom of where you'd like your holes to be — the size your these is your choice, of course, and can be as big or as small as you see fit. When that's done, take the jeans off.


Place one pant leg on top of a raised box — most sturdy shoe boxes are perfect — and slide a thick magazine into the leg underneath the first spot you'll be distressing. This will keep the denim taut, and will prevent any unwanted slits and rips from making their way onto the fabric.


Put the cutting gloves on. Take a (safe!) razor blade and add slits between the lines of the section you're distressing, starting at the bottom mark. Allow half an inch or so of space between each line. Stop when the slits reach the top line you marked earlier. These slices doesn't have to be perfect, but watch your fingers and — please! — be very careful. (Razor blades are no joke.) Once you've finished, move the magazine to repeat the process on all areas you want distressed. Finally, use your fingers to pull the threads of the slits apart for an even more authentic lived-in look.

This step is optional, but goes a long way in enhancing the distressing you've already done. Take a pair of scissors and trim off the top centimeter of the back pockets and the cuffs. You can also make a tiny slit in other areas of the pants — including on the hemlines and pockets, or anywhere you'd like — and take a shaving razor across the top of that slit to remove some of the cotton and coloring.

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Last week we shared the post: ‘Louis Vuitton Pallas Bag Collection’, however we forgot to add one bag. You see, for this fresh season, the fashion house has introduced a new Shoulder bag and it’s called the Louis Vuitton Pallas Clutch Bag. Excited?

Use it as a Wallet on Chain bag, it’s just ideal for the evenings or when you want to carry a small but gorgeous handbag. Also, it matches to every casual outfit…literally.

Just like all other Pallas handbags, the interior of the Clutch version is colored in red or black (or perhaps more colors available at the boutique). It’s covered in Monogram Canvas and has multiple carry options like on your shoulder or even cross body. Make use of the leather strap or the golden chain.

The Louis Vuitton Pallas Clutch Bag is refined with golden color metallic pieces; it comes with zipped central compartment and an exterior front pocket.

Overall, a versatile day-to-night bag with style. And oh yes, it’s also made from supple grained leather. Measuring 9.1’ x 5.1’ x 2’ inches (L x H x W), priced at $1100 USD or €790 euro via Louis Vuiton boutique.


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French fashion power house Louis Vuitton is reinventing the luxurious take when it comes to hand bags with its latest Pallas Bag Collection. There are several handbags that you can choose from and trust us, each one will cater to your specific needs. One can always choose from these three beautiful LV bags: Pallas Shopper, Pallas and Pallas BB. The Pallas Shopper is another addition to the Pallas line as it redefined what a shoulder tote should look like. A match made in heaven for the modern woman, it has an elegant feminine touch combined with the Monogram canvas of which LV is known for. It has the following dimensions: 15.7′ x 10.6′ x 5.9′ inches (L x H x W) and retails for $2490 USD or €1880 euro.





The Medium Pallas Shoulder Bag on the other hand is impeccable in all its angles and perfectly fits the hands of a chic globe trotting woman. It has toron handles, adjustable and removable shoulder strap, double zip closure and microfiber lining. The Medium Pallas has the following measurements: 13.4′ x 9.8′ x 5.1′ inches (L x H x W) and is priced at $2490 USD or €1840 euro.










Lastly, the Pallas BB is too cute to handle! This one is an on-the-go bag as it adds panache to your whole ensemble. It has the following dimensions: 10.6 x 7.1 x 3.1 inches (LxHxW) and is priced at $2260 USD or €1640 euro.




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Louis Vuitton Monogram Pallas Havane

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Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Pallas HavaneBag Front

Louis Vuitton Monogram Pallas Havane is the perfect example of style and grace. It is more than an elegant purse. It is the irresistible merge of precious materials and unimaginably refined lines. The LV Pallas allures us with the most seductive mix of Monogram canvas, natural cowhide leather trim and colored calf leather. It tempts us with a distinctive design and a comfortable feel.

The Louis Vuitton Monogram Pallas Havane is a very functional and luxurious tote purse made from the Iconic LV brown coated canvas. There are many color variations for this model and these refer to the supple calf leather used on the V shaped top of the bag: Pink, Clementine, Amethyste, Pistache, Havane, Aurore, Cerise, Quetsche, Noir and Saffran. This upper part of the LV Pallas reveals secured compartments and enhances its feminine design and accentuated functionality.

Authentic Handbag

Authentic Handbag

Louis Vuitton Pallas Monogram measures 13.4″ x 10.2″ x 4.7″ and the Havana version is actually a lighter shade of brown. I like this color best as it manages to perfectly represent the emblematic elegance and simplicity of the iconic LV brand.

The Pallas Havana replica from these pictures is one of the best representations I have seen so far. I was impressed with the quality of the monogram canvas that has a very authentic shine and texture. When you touch it, it feels very supple and durable. Also, the pattern printed on the canvas fabric is very exact, featuring an exact reproduction of the LV logo and flower motifs.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Pallas Havane Side View

Louis Vuitton Monogram Pallas Havane Buttom

The Louis Vuitton Pallas Monogram bag has a rectangle shape while the sides are small triangles that allow the purse to expand or contract depending on the volume of the things you need to carry inside. The purse isn’t small at all. It is quite large, perfect for accommodating all the things you need for keeping an active life style. By all means, it is a very functional and versatile bag, the accessory that every city gal needs in her closet.

Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Pallas Havane Details

Tote bags are very practical and very comfortable, but lately most of these come with a snap closing tab or hook. I hate it when my things are so exposed to unwanted eyes or hands. Luckily, the LV Pallas Monogram Havane has a zipper closing system. The V shaped top part of the bag reveals a gold color thick and durable double zip closure. As you can see in the photos, my LV replica has the same type of zipper that safely closes the bag. The zipper is made from a beautifully crafted gold metal, very think and sturdy.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Pallas Havane Close Up

The original LV Pallas purse comes with natural cowhide Toron Leather handles. This type of handles are nicely rounded and sewn on the inside to offer an extra robustness and a defined arched shape. Also, as a dramatic effect, the inside margins of the handles are red color. The Palas Monogram Havane replica I have purchased has the same type of Toron leather handles that manage to look pretty authentic and elegant. In addition, the handles are attached to the bag by two rectangular thick metallic plates that are engraved with the circled R, “LOUIS VUITTON and “PARIS” written on different rows. This authenticity marking can be seen also on the real bag.

Fake Louis Vuitton Monogram Pallas Havane Inside

At the inside, the purse has a delicate microfiber lining in the same color as the colored calf leather used on the top part of the bag. In the case of my replica, at the inside there is a brown smooth textile fabric that looks very nice and genuine. Just like the original Pallas, this LV fake has two interior pockets that are perfect for accommodating your smart phones.

Fake Monogram Pallas Havane Zipper

If you are more of a shoulder bag type then you will be pleased to find out that the Louis Vuitton Pallas comes with a beautiful adjustable and removable Monogram canvas strap. You can adjust its length to fit your height and body construction by using a gold buckle. My fake Pallas Havana also came with this very useful strap and I have already tried it on. It feels very comfortable and light, but I prefer the tote handles instead.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Pallas Havane Replica Handbag

The most important thing on a fake bag is getting the authenticity markings right and it looks like this Pallas fake has succeeded in correctly imitating all the LV logos. The most visible one is the one embossed on the colored calf leather on the upper part of the bag. Just like on the real product, my replica correctly reads out the circled R letter, “LOUIS VUITTON” and “PARIS”. Next, at the inside there is a squared leather tab in the same color as the leather handles that says “LOUIS VUITTON”, “PARIS” and “Made in France”. And the most subtle ones are the stamping of all the metallic pieces with the Louis Vuitton name and initials. Luckily, my knockoff successfully passed this test as well.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Pallas Havane Imitation Purse

The stitching on the LV Pallas Monogram isn’t that obvious and pronounced. The colors of the threads are carefully selected as to be in similar tones as the ones of the canvas and leather. The handles have beige color threads while the body of the bag is sewn in brown color. Both the original and on the replica bag the stitching is perfect. The threads are evenly spaced apart and do not have any loose threads. The base of the purse is reinforced by stiches placed vertically on the outer sides and by a X shaped stitching on the center. Also, on each end of the stitched X there is one gold metallic feet.

Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Pallas Havane Tag

All the Pallas bags have gold color hardware and every part of metal on it carries the Louis Vuitton name or initials. My Pallas Havane replica has the same gold color hardware that seems to be very well finished and engraved with the exact same authenticity marks, including the four rounded studs that support the base of the purse.

The Louis Vuitton Pallas Monogram Canvas Havane is one of the most chic and functional luxury designer bags. Due to its unique shape, generous size, versatile use and subtle folds it can serve ideally as a stylish carry bag for the utterly modern woman. This is why, if you have your mind set on a glamorous LV Pallas replica, I advise you to read this practical and thorough review. It can make the difference between a successful purchase and a real disaster.

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The LV Monogram says it all – and with much aplomb, of course. The newest addition to the original Pallas line is bound to make waves in bag supremacy, and with good reason. This deeply hued calf leather shopper bag is teeming with luxury, with its fine detailing, tone-on-tone microfiber lining, gleaming chain-on-leather handles, bottom studs and decorative rivets which surround the iconic embossed “Louis Vuitton Paris” signature. Swoon-worthy, indeed.

Its trapeze base and sturdy structure provides a wide expanse of space for the diva who just can’t get enough. Inside, there is a central zipped compartment and two smartphone pockets, which makes it easier for you to organize all your essentials. For the techie girl who is bound to her gadgets, this bag could even accommodate tablets and other pieces of technology. How fine is that?

Measuring 15.7’ x 10.6’ x 5.9’ inches (L x H x W), get this bag for $2490 USD or $2960 AUD, available via Louis Vuitton online boutique.


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