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Have you seen a Chanel Flap Bag in exotic leather? If not, stay steady and sit back but that would be a hard thing to do once you’ve laid your eyes on Chanel’s Croc Flap Bag in Light Blue and Gold.

Chanel’s Flap Bags are timeless and classic, thanks to Coco Chanel but every year, the French fashion house gives the flap bags a modern twist thus keeping with the latest trends.

Take a look at this Flap Bag in Light Blue and Gold, you’ll instantly notice that crocodile leather was used to create this look. This particular bag deserves a post and shout out of its own for it stands out from the crowd. It’s like a hidden jewel waiting to be discovered.

The combination of color of light blue and gold made our hearts skipped a beat and why not? It looks ethereal, royal and elegant in all the right angles. It has the signature chain straps plus the iconic CC logo in front. Check at Chanel boutique for more information.

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Let’s Disco: 10 Groovy Party Picks from Nasty Gal


Get ready to party with Nasty Gal's Rainbow Riot editGet ready to party with Nasty Gal’s Rainbow Riot edit

If you like to be the life of the party than Nasty Gal’s recent ‘Rainbow Riot’ trend edit is just for you. The fashion retailer has created several super colorful designs with shades of 1970s, disco inspired glamour. From a striped romper to palazzopants and maxi dresses with romantic ruffles, there is something for nearly every occasion. So put on those platform heels and dance the night away in these groovy looks.

Nasty Gal Bacall Maxi DressNasty Gal ‘Bacall’ Maxi DressNasty Gal Fever Trip Halter DressNasty Gal ‘Fever Trip’ Halter DressNasty Gal Hazy Shades of Love Multi-Colored Maxi DressNasty Gal ‘Hazy Shades of Love’ Multi-Colored Maxi DressNasty Gal Jagger Palazzo PantsNasty Gal ‘Jagger’ Palazzo PantsNasty Gal Let's Groove Cold Shoulder TopNasty Gal ‘Let’s Groove’ Cold Shoulder TopNasty Gal Move on Up Striped Lurex DressNasty Gal ‘Move on Up’ Striped Lurex DressNasty Gal Boogie Oogie Oogie Kimono DressNasty Gal ‘Boogie Oogie Oogie’ Kimono DressNasty Gal Livin' Thing Lurex Striped RomperNasty Gal ‘Livin’ Thing’ Lurex Striped RomperNasty Gal Rainbow's End Striped Maxi SkirtNasty Gal ‘Rainbow’s End’ Striped Maxi SkirtNasty Gal x Terry de Havilland Direction Platform HeelNasty Gal x Terry de Havilland ‘Direction’ Platform Heel

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A golden girl knows how to stay golden and on top of her game. Most of the modern women nowadays are “Golden It Girls”, they know what they want and they strive hard to get it so no wonder if this Miss Dior Golden Metal Python Pouch with Chain is an epitome of their personality.

Modern, stylish yet with a feminine touch, this Golden Metal Python Promenade Pouch is luxurious in all its angles. The pale gold clasp and removable golden chain added a touch of panache and elegance to it thus sealing the pedestal of modern luxury when it comes to hand bags.

Just imagine taking it out with you while you’re on a party or while you’re attending social galas and soirees, we’re 100% sure that you’ll definitely shine especially if you pair it with your black body con dress.

What we also love about this bag is that it is very flexible, you can wear it on the shoulder, in the hand or cross body. Imagine stealing different looks with just one bag.

On the inside, it has an exterior pocket, a flat pocket, zipped pocket, 7 card slots and a large inner compartment perfect for holding your essentials.

It measures 21 x 13.5 cm, priced at €2600 euro or £2100 GBP and is only available in Dior boutiques.



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What Happens When You Buy A YSL Bag Replica Without Actually Seeing It First!

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I will keep saying this over and over again if necessary: you should never buy replica bags before seeing them first! Take the YSL bag replica in this review for example: if there are not enough photos on the site or the bag looks too good to be true, then it probably is!

YSL Bag Replica Logo

If you’re doubting that the replica site you are eyeing is using real photos, there are some easy ways to check them!

The easiest way to check it is to check the official site of the brand first. Let’s take the official YSL site: they usually post three photos of each bag and they all have a white background. Then let’s take the LV site: sometimes they post 2 or 3 photos of the bag but for some bags you can only find one photo. The photos also have a white background and look very clear and professional. Choose a bag and then look for it on the official brand site: are the photos the same? If so, then you’ve got your answer.

Here’s is an example. I chose a random fake Saint Laurent bag and then I searched it on the official YSL site. See how the pictures are exactly the same? Front view, back view, side view and the photo with the flap open.

Official YSL Site Photos

Official YSL Site Photos Stolen Photos Stolen Photos

Unfortunately there are many replica bag sites that use stolen photos and that could never be a good sign! The more pictures you see of the replica bag before you buy it, the less chances there are you’re going to be disappointed or scammed. Buying from a replica site that uses photos from the official brand sites is like taking the biggest gamble of all because you have no idea what you’re going to get.

If a replica bag site uses its own photos but you don’t feel like they’re enough to tell if the bag is good or not, don’t be afraid to ask for some extra photos! Maybe they won’t have them but it still is a good test for their customer support. If you feel like they are reluctant or annoyed by your demand, maybe you should find another site. Here is another example from the same site. Let’s say this one photo they have for this bag was actually their (it’s not, it’s also stolen). Even if it has been a real photos of this replica YSL bag, it still wouldn’t have been enough to tell if the bag is good or not. Photos Photos

My friend didn’t send me a very detailed review but at least we found out some important things not only about their Saint Laurent replica bags but about this replica site as a whole:

“Hi EVA! I’m new here!

I got this YSL bag replica from and it was a mess! It has nothing to do with what they show on the site!

I immediately decided to return it because they only offer 7 days to do that. I hate the fact that I’m not getting back the shipping costs and the 5% credit card charge but I can’t keep this bag!
Here are some photos, just to make sure everyone understands why I returned the bag. I’m not crazy, girls lol!!

Hope I’m getting back my money soon, I’m really really disappointed!”

YSL Bag Replica Top View

YSL Bag Replica Top View

YSL Bag Replica Interior View

YSL Bag Replica Interior View

You are definitely not crazy for returning this YSL replica bag, it’s awful! At least you were able to do that, this is the only good thing about this replica site. The refund guarantee period is very short, but I’ll give them that. Many replica websites don’t allow you to return a replica bag if you just don’t like it!

But there are many more things that I don’t like about this site. First of all, they ONLY use stolen photos! I checked this for all the brands they offer and I haven’t found not even a single replica bag with real photos.

I also don’t like the fact that you can only contact them by sending them an email to an Outlook account or by a Contact Form. Not very professional and very unsettling when you have an urgent matter to solve.

I would certainly not recommend this replica site not just because of this YSL bag replica but because of the many other things that make them unprofessional and unreliable.

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Your Guide to the Spring 2016 Platform Shoe Resurgence

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