What Happens When You Buy A YSL Bag Replica Without Actually Seeing It First!

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I will keep saying this over and over again if necessary: you should never buy replica bags before seeing them first! Take the YSL bag replica in this review for example: if there are not enough photos on the site or the bag looks too good to be true, then it probably is!

YSL Bag Replica Logo

If you’re doubting that the replica site you are eyeing is using real photos, there are some easy ways to check them!

The easiest way to check it is to check the official site of the brand first. Let’s take the official YSL site: they usually post three photos of each bag and they all have a white background. Then let’s take the LV site: sometimes they post 2 or 3 photos of the bag but for some bags you can only find one photo. The photos also have a white background and look very clear and professional. Choose a bag and then look for it on the official brand site: are the photos the same? If so, then you’ve got your answer.

Here’s is an example. I chose a random fake Saint Laurent bag and then I searched it on the official YSL site. See how the pictures are exactly the same? Front view, back view, side view and the photo with the flap open.

Official YSL Site Photos

Official YSL Site Photos

Sellreplicas.com Stolen Photos

Sellreplicas.com Stolen Photos

Unfortunately there are many replica bag sites that use stolen photos and that could never be a good sign! The more pictures you see of the replica bag before you buy it, the less chances there are you’re going to be disappointed or scammed. Buying from a replica site that uses photos from the official brand sites is like taking the biggest gamble of all because you have no idea what you’re going to get.

If a replica bag site uses its own photos but you don’t feel like they’re enough to tell if the bag is good or not, don’t be afraid to ask for some extra photos! Maybe they won’t have them but it still is a good test for their customer support. If you feel like they are reluctant or annoyed by your demand, maybe you should find another site. Here is another example from the same site. Let’s say this one photo they have for this bag was actually their (it’s not, it’s also stolen). Even if it has been a real photos of this replica YSL bag, it still wouldn’t have been enough to tell if the bag is good or not.

Sellreplicas.com Photos

Sellreplicas.com Photos

My friend didn’t send me a very detailed Sellreplicas.com review but at least we found out some important things not only about their Saint Laurent replica bags but about this replica site as a whole:

“Hi EVA! I’m new here!

I got this YSL bag replica from Sellreplicas.com and it was a mess! It has nothing to do with what they show on the site!

I immediately decided to return it because they only offer 7 days to do that. I hate the fact that I’m not getting back the shipping costs and the 5% credit card charge but I can’t keep this bag!
Here are some photos, just to make sure everyone understands why I returned the bag. I’m not crazy, girls lol!!

Hope I’m getting back my money soon, I’m really really disappointed!”

YSL Bag Replica Top View

YSL Bag Replica Top View

YSL Bag Replica Interior View

YSL Bag Replica Interior View

You are definitely not crazy for returning this YSL replica bag, it’s awful! At least you were able to do that, this is the only good thing about this replica site. The refund guarantee period is very short, but I’ll give them that. Many replica websites don’t allow you to return a replica bag if you just don’t like it!

But there are many more things that I don’t like about this site. First of all, they ONLY use stolen photos! I checked this for all the brands they offer and I haven’t found not even a single replica bag with real photos.

I also don’t like the fact that you can only contact them by sending them an email to an Outlook account or by a Contact Form. Not very professional and very unsettling when you have an urgent matter to solve.

I would certainly not recommend this replica site not just because of this YSL bag replica but because of the many other things that make them unprofessional and unreliable.

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It absolutely looks like Givenchy is bringing its A-game in the bag industry especially with its Shark Mini Leather Tote that comes in 4 different colors that you can choose from. Knowing that a woman can never have too many bags, the creative team behind Givenchy bags decided to give women 4 color choices: olive green, black, grey and another black shade with the additional studs and embellishments to it.

These little bag accessories, with that iconic shark-tooth as their lock, will do your outfits and ensembles justice for they are simple and unique. They do not steal the spotlight but rather they compliment and complement your ensembles. Perfect for that romantic first date, this bag will surely have a lasting impression. It has the following features and details: made in Italy, made from calf leather, has detachable, adjustable shoulder strap, turn-lock fastening, suede lining, internal zipped and slot pockets and protective feet. It has the following measurements: 16 x 25 x 10 cm (H x W x D), priced at $1790 USD or €1290.







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We know you can’t resist Chanel, that’s why we keep teasing you with more Chanel accessories. Take a look at the Zipped Lambskin Wallet in Fuchsia and Gold Metal.

Don’t fall too deep in love yet, because there will be more Chanel stuff coming soon. Can you take them all home? Or do you need to choose? I rather want option number 1.

Meet the Chanel Zipped Lambskin Wallet, we’re sure there are more colors available at your favorite Chanel boutique. So make sure you ask the SA to check their stock.

Calfskin is durable, Caviar is even better, but we always recommend Lambskin for wallets. You see, this beauty will be stored inside your bag where it’s safe and sound. And on the top of that, you can enjoy the luxurious softness.

Functional and stunning, what do you need more. This wallet comes with three open compartments to store your card and cash. Another compartment is secured with a zip – perhaps for your coins?

Fuchsia and gold metal is something you need for your wardrobe, measuring 4.1’ x 7.7’ x 0.8’ inches, style code A82370, priced at €950 euro.


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Today, we’re up to please all Chanel lovers in the community with the CC Crossing Large Zipped Pouch! If you’re looking for a designer piece that’s large enough to fit all of your essentials (keeping them zipped and intact), then this is the answer to your call! Trust Chanel to give you what you need.

The pouch has a beautiful crossing-quilted lambskin exterior, which gives it a sleek, textured look. Of course, classic quilts should never be out of the question, but once in awhile it’s really good to invest in other pieces which are just as chic and sophisticated as renowned house designs. It also comes with a signature metal ‘CC’ in front, which shines perfectly against the black leather. It is zipped, so expect to have all of your valuables intact with this piece. Wear it alone, or turn it into your trusted inside pouch for all of your stuff. Either way, it’s yours for the taking.

Measuring 9.4’ x 13.8’ x 1.4’ inches, you can get your very own CC Crossing Large Zipped Pouch for €700 EUR via Chanel boutique.



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Chanel is known for having one-too-many tricks in the small leather goods department, and the TImeless CC Zipped Wallet is no exception! And since we feed on your every addiction (with bags, shoes and fashion styles), we’ll be doing a feature on this baby! Let’s keep the excitement going!

The piece comes in a super-luxe grained calfskin exterior, which is known for being durable and resistant to wear and tear. Aside from giving it a beautiful texture, you could expect this baby to last you years and years of use. Just be sure to do your part in caring for it, and it will do just fine. And since it is a zipped wallet, you can be sure that your valuables stay where they are. Inside, there’s enough compartments which suit your need for space and functionality. You don’t have to look elsewhere – this is the one to beat!

Measuring 4.1’ x 7.7’ x 0.8’ inches, and with a style code of A50071, you can get your very own Timeless CC Zipped Wallet for €750 EUR via Chanel boutique.



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The Chanel Python Zipped Wallet is in it to win it! Well, if you’re talking about design and elegance, this baby won’t fail you at all. We’re not even exaggerating here, this wallet is about to bring it! Here at BragMyBag, we are very much aware that Chanel pieces have a huge following, that’s why we’re giving it to you! Are you ready for this?

The wallet is a bombshell in white – it has a beautiful python skin exterior that’s truly a joy to wear. Imagine yourself strutting out in the streets with this baby…we’re more than sure that you’ll get some onlookers watching your every move (all eyes on the python, please!). As a wonderful addition to the whole design, this darling features a gold Mademoiselle turnlock which has an illustrious history on its own (50th anniversary, reissues, you get the point).

Measuring 4.1’ x 7.6’ x 0.8’ inches, and a style code of A69052, you can get your very own Python Zipped Wallet for €2,300 EUR via Chanel boutique.


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