The Most Honest Review Of Their Fake Birkin Bag!

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Trust me, this review has all the details you need to know in case you were planning to order a fake Birkin bag from them! Not just how their Birkin is, but also how their customer services are.

Fake Birkin Bag Review

So if you want to know all the advantages and disadvantages of buying replica Hermes handbags from this site, take a look here. Things are almost never 100% black or white, you need to take all the nuances into consideration!

Review – My Thoughts

This is one of the replica sites I recommend for affordable Hermes Birkin replica handbags. Sure, some of their Birkins are better than other. Some have better stitching, some have better stamp and so on. And it’s also normal to expect a $980 fake Birkin bag made of original leather to look more authentic than one that costs less than $300.

I hope that you understand that just because I recommend a certain site it doesn’t mean that all their replica bagsare equally good! This becomes more obvious when you see that sometimes the reviews for the same site are so different. And it’s not necessarily because the bags are of different quality but also because each of us has different standards. For some people small flaws are really not a problem while others might be really bothered by those same flaws. That’s why I said that nuances are extremely important when it comes to replica handbags.

Anyway, this review will show you both the good parts and the bad parts of this fake Birkin bag and the entire shopping experience. To me the customer services are extremely important as well and so is the way a replica site rep decides to manage a bad situation when the customer is not 100% satisfied. Would you ever buy again from a replica site that treated it you like hell? I sure wouldn’t!

Customer Review

“Hi Eva,

I just got my very first replica birkin bag from hermessale. Well technically, I personally do not consider this is in birkin family, but whatever. I had been eyeing on this bag back in 2005 when it first came out. However, I was in college back then, so of course, who would own a birkin right. Anyway, when I can afford a real birkin, this bag becomes limited. In addition, I heard few complains in regards the comfortabilities of the bag… so I turn to replica in the end to give this bag a try. At this point, after I get the bag, I am still not sure. However, good thing is I did not spend to much $$$$ on authentic one.

So, enough about the reasons, let’s start with the review.

What can I say about Hermessale
– Positive: Tracy is super helpful and very fast in response. The bag comes in an almost perfect (there is a but..) It is exactly like the photo on the website. Shipping is extremely fast to US, only take 8 days total since I made a payment. (I mean this is my first time buying stuff shipping from China, the shipping speed seems to be faster than shipping from East to West coast :) ) The stamp is great, stiching is not sloopy.. just like my current birkins (Even my husband thinks it is a good quality bag!) The price cannot be beaten for sure

– Negative: It is too perfect to be true.. and this is 100% correct! :( I feel I am unlucky, but I also wish the shipment service could be more careful. You know this type of thing could happen with authentic one as well, but you can just walk to their store to exchange… Anyway, I found tinny rips both side of front handle tab. I can just throw in a twilly to cover this. However, the thing makes me EXTREMELY UPSET is the residual white like glue inside the bag. It is like sticker that you take off, but the glue still leaves behind. I try wet towel to wipe it off, but it does not even go anywhere.

– Outcome: I email Tracy immediately and she said they will be more careful and take photo of pre-shipment for any future orders if I have one. Also, they offer a small gift to comfort me ==> I mean, what else can I do here? I wont ship back because you know the shipping is ridiculous!

My husband tries to comfort me and said it is pretty good for first time replica buyer and these errors are not very visible ??☹️ I feel like I am traumatized and I will always look at this bag as if bad thing will eventually be exposed/broken at anytime :(

Enough me saying, what do you think??”

Logo Stamp Fake Birkin Bag

Fake Birkin Bag Stamp

Fake Birkin Bag Date Code

Fake Birkin Bag Date Stamp

Fake Birkin Bag Metal Plate Engraving

Fake Birkin Bag Hardware Engraving

Fake Birkin Bag Leather Lining

Fake Birkin Bag Interior View

Fake Birkin Bag Base Of The Handle View

Fake Birkin Bag Handle Base

Fake Birkin Bag Residual Glue

Fake Birkin Bag Glue Stains

Fake Birkin Bag Lock And Key

Fake Birkin Bag Lock

I think my friend here was actually really lucky. Even though she’s right to be upset about those glue stains, this fake Birkin bag is not bad at all and the price is more than fair considering there are much more expensive replica Hermes purses out there. Sure, just because a replica Birkin bag is cheaper it doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to get upset when the bag is not perfect! But some flaws can get overlooked easier than others. For example, if a replica bags site states that their bags are made of real leather, I expect it to be made of real leather!

If you came across this problem as well, you could also try nail polish remover to get rid of glue stains. But first you need to test it on a small area that is not visible to make sure it doesn’t discolor the leather. Or if you have any other suggestions on how to remove glue stains from leather, share your tip in the comment section!

Since there’s another recent replica Birkin bag review on the blog (which you can find here), this is my question: which fake Birkin bag do you like more?

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Dior Rivage Pouch

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It’s not very long ago that DIOR made a life-changing decision. Well life-changing? Perhaps not for DIOR, but for us it is. So what did DIOR do? They have changed the look of the Dior Panarea Tote Bag without the asking the opinions of their fans. Some love it and others do not, especially those that are used to the old-design.
Both version, the new Panarea Tote and the old Panarea Tote are made from Canvas, which is an extremely durable material. You can see the comparison on our previous post: ‘Dior New Panarea Tote’. The newest tote is more flat, modernized and structured.
But there is more, after the Panarea Tote hit the store, the Rivage Pouch followed up. It’s the newest addition from the Dior Panarea Collection, which reflects Dior’s dynamic styling. The Rivage Pouch is enhanced with Cannage topstitching and adorned with suitable charms for an energetic appearance.
The design of the Rivage Pouch and the Panarea Tote are very similar, they are like twins. It’s even made from the same Canvas. For those that are looking for an elegant pouch to store essentials or the perfect gift, then look no further, you will love the Dior Rivage Pouch.
For now, it’s available in two colors – black and beige. It comes in two sizes, the medium is measured 25.5 x 16.5 cm. The large is measured 27 x 18 cm.


Dior-Panareau-Rivage-Pouch-Rosato-Interior (2)

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Boxing Day Latest Louis Vuitton Luggage Cheap Sale For 2013 Holiday

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In the last day of 2013, we will offer you few fantastic and great Louis Vuitton luggage sale for holiday season. In Louis Vuitton’s L’Aventure “Art of Packing” teaching patrons has been broadcast worldwide, and the brand has released a lint of suitcases for travel in the deluxe winter, in colorful and stylish design offer us a bright winter season.

Now, choose a well made in top quality Louis Vuitton luggage at our site for a nice price, enjoy a great travel time and let those suitcases become your right hand in your travel. Buy Now, enjoy a free shipping! 

 Louis Vuitton M91991 Pegase 50 Red

Louis Vuitton M91991 Pegase 50 Red
Material: Monogram Vernis
Fuction: Rolling Luggage
Model: M91991
Size: 19.7 x 14.1 x 7.1 inches
Color: Red
Special Price: $390.99


Louis Vuitton M91277 Pegase 45 Amarant

Louis Vuitton M91277 Pegase 45 Amarante
Material: Monogram Vernis
Fuction: Rolling Luggage
Model: M91277
Size: 15.3 x 18.5 x 7.9 inches
Color: Amarante
Special Price: $387.99

 Louis Vuitton M23295 Pegase 65 Brown

Louis Vuitton M23295 Pegase 65 Brown
Material: Monogram Canvas
Fuction: Rolling Luggage
Model: M23295
Size: 26.3 x 17.7 x 9.4 inches
Color: Brown
Special Price: $349.99

 Louis Vuitton 2013 Luggage Boxing Day Sale

Louis Vuitton 2013 Luggage Boxing Day Sale

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Luxury Louis Vuitton Parnassea Collection Christmas Hot Sale

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Where to buy Cheap Real New LV Bags For Xmas, Free Shipping? available latest new and hottest edition Cheap LV handbags hot sale in a Christmas promotion discount price, fast delivery with high quality. Choose a great LV Christmas Gift for your family, out Louis Vuitton outlet online store is your right place.

Louis Vuitton Parnassea Collection Xmas Hot Sale

Louis Vuitton Parnassea Collection Xmas Hot Sale

Customer’s tastes more and more mature, the demand for handbags is also increasingly diverse, Logo, practical, multi carry method, luxurious leather, exquisite workmanship are all the details measure of whether it is worth buy or not.

This year, Louis Vuitton brand has been launched a new set of Louis Vuitton Parnassea collection to meet the needs of consumers. It is also make a innovate for some of classic mode, such as the Epi leather LV Neverful bags. And New LV Parnasses series full of art and beauty used the highest quality leather become the most popular and hot sale model bags this year, for Christmas sale, New LV bags also perfect for your family as a gift. In the collection, we can find many of classic design including LV SC cheap sale, Alma Bags Xmas sale, and some of few model like LV Capucines bags, Vivienne LV Bags cheap sale and more accessories. Christmas LV Bag Gift 2013 Hot Sale for lower price. free shipping.

Louis Vuitton Alma MM Taurillon Bag Xmas SaleAlma LV Handbags Xmas Sale

The inspiration of LV Alma bags can be traced back to the “Squire Bag” which designed by Gaston Vuitton in 1934. In the Parnassea LV Collection, Alma Bags available three size, Alma, PPM and PM which features detachable shoulder strap, suitable for daily use, can also be portable.

Louis Vuitton Alma Christmas Hot Sale
Fuction: Shoulder Bags And Totes
Size: BB, PM, MM

Louis Vuitton SC Handbags For Sale

Louis Vuitton SC Handbags For Sale

SC LV Bags were launched in 2009 which designed by Sofia Coppola herself. This talented woman is a requirement for handbags not light not heavy, a medium, or can be placed in the child’s daily needs items. Its style design is a combination of two classic Speedy and Keepall style, she also pay special attention to the practicality of handbags, requiring a large open design, built-in cell phone pocket and zipper pocket and a detachable shoulder strap.

Sofia Coppola LV Bags Xmas Sale
Material: Leather
Fuction: Top Handles
Holiday Price: $214.99

Capucines LV Bags Christmas Cheap Sale

Capucines LV Bags Christmas Cheap Sale

LV Capucines is a new style which available many of colorway to choose from, available MM and GM size made in Taurillon leather, metal rings on both sides of the handle design inspiration comes from the LV series of fine jewelry. There are two cover flap method, clamshell package can be placed inside, exposing LV buckle; can be placed on the outside of the package, exposing Monogram flowers. The arc can handle both shoulder and hand.

Capucines Louis Vuitton Christmas Sale
Material: Taurillon
Fuction: Shoulder Bags And Totes
Size: GM, MM

Vivienne Louis Vuitton Hot Sale

Vivienne Louis Vuitton Hot Sale


The New style Louis Vuitton Vivienne bag is created for those young fashion girl, looks trendy and stylish.

LV Vivienne wallet design is also very practical, we can find it is available long and short style, many of pockets and simple shape design make it looks fashion and practical.

 Louis Vuitton Vivienne Wallet Xmas Sale

Louis Vuitton Vivienne Wallet Xmas Sale

In whole Parnasseas LV Bags series, they were came both fashion and practical as great Christmas Lv Bags gift 2013. Now, many of new lv bags for xmas 2013 sale on our site for a nice price, fast delivery with free shipping!

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